Summary of runs this week

I’ve decided to have a two week taper before the Highland Fling so this week is going to be my final harder week.

Monday - Club Fartlek session

There were 7 of us for the session but 3 were looking to do half of it. The full session was 1min (30secs recovery), 3 x [3min (90sec) & 6min (2min)] 1min

I was feeling okay and certainly worked hard throughout the run. I started near the back and worked my way past those in front. My stats ….


Wednesday - run before work

I was heading up to Inverness for a few days after work so set off just after 7am for a run before work. It was fairly cold but it was good to get out. I ran my normal loop past Dykebar hospital.

For the first few miles I felt I was flying along but once I headed back home I realised why! It was really windy and the second half of the run was definitely harder than the first half!


Thursday - Run in Alness with Katrina

We are staying in Hollie’s flat while she is away. We are looking after our grandson Seth for the day. As Laura and Micah are with us we were able to get out for a run before breakfast.

We chose an out and back to Invergordon as there is a cycle path the whole way. The wind was with us on the way out which meant we were right into on the way back.

Katrina is running really well at the moment as she builds up to the Stirling Marathon. We are off to the park now with two of our grandsons!



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