Update on Injury

The West Highland Way Race is just over a week away. This time next week I will hopefully be having a doze before eating something and then heading to the start.

My tendon is getting better by the day but there is still some soreness. I have not run this week and don’t plan to run again before the race. I’m actually really interested to see what difference it will make as I would never plan to do this.

I’m hoping that I will arrive at the start line ready to go and with no pain.  I have a feeling that it may be still a little sore but Matt said that I won’t do any further damage so that’s good enough for me!

I went for a cycle ride yesterday so it was good to at least get my heart pumping a bit again.

I’m hoping to see Matt again before the race for a final checkover.

Thanks to those who have sent in a Guess for my latest ‘Guess My Time’ competition. I have had 116 guesses so far! You have until 6pm on Thursday 22nd June to enter.

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2 Responses to Update on Injury

  1. Michael Barrett says:

    Hi John, My Guess is 23:24:25, best of luck with the race

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