Pre-Training Training

I’m still not able to run and for a few weeks recently I wasn’t doing much exercise at all and decided I might as well eat a bit more and not worry about my weight.

Last weekend Katrina and I had a night in Isle of Arran. We took our bikes over and cycled 36 miles around the north half of the island. The weather was challenging with rain and wind … most of it in our faces!


We also enjoyed a lovely meal in the evening and the buffet breakfast.

When I got home I decided to weigh myself and was shocked to see that the scale revealed that I was just over 13st. It was a bit of a wake up call as that must be the heaviest I’ve been for quite a few years.

My big race for next year is the 190mile Northern Traverse in May. I’m hoping to be able to be running by mid December so I can start my serious training on 1st January. That will give me 18 weeks of training.

But to be able to do that I need to be in decent shape. If I carry on putting on weight as I have over the past month I’ll be nearer 14st and it will be hard to run!

So my plan is two fold ….

  • Exercise every day. I can’t run yet but I can cycle, walk and use the Elliptigo.
  • Be more disciplined with my eating. I don’t like to diet as such but three things help me
    • Keep a record of what I eat with MyFitnessApp


  • Cut out puddings
  • Eat sensible portions!

So this week I have kick started my plan.


  • Lunchtime walk: 2.67miles in 39:14 (14:43 per mile



  • Cycled to work: 5.2miles in 24:29 (average speed 12.9mph)
  • Lunchtime walk: 1.42miles in 21:20 (pace 15:13 per mile)
  • Cycle from work: 11.9miles in 55:14 (average speed 12.9mph


  • Cycled to work: 4.8miles in 19:24 (average speed 14.9mph)
  • Lunchtime walk: 2.69miles in 39:41 (14:46 per mile)


  • Cycled from work: 8.7miles in 42:47 (average speed 12.3mph)


  • Lunchtime walk: 3.60miles in 54:07 (15:03 per mile)


  • Elliptigo Ride: 12.8miles in 1:07:52 (average speed 11.4mph)


  • Cycled to work: 4.8miles in 20:17 (average speed 14.2mph)
  • Lunchtime walk: 2.4miles in 42:28 (14:57 per mile)


  • Cycled from work: 4.7miles in 23:31 (average speed12.2mph)

My immediate goal weight wise is to get to 12st by the time I’m able to run again. I weigh myself each Friday morning when I wake up and I was pleased to see that I’m now at 12st 10lbs so I’ve lost 4lbs in this first week.

But more importantly I feel better for it.

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