Review of RevereSport armbands

I was recently offered a couple of armbands to try out and review from

I’ve not used an armband to carry my phone much but recently I’ve started to use a waist belt to carry my water and I was looking for another way to carry my phone rather than a slim waist band I have been using. I like to use my phone a lot to take video clips and photos.

So I was very pleased to be given a couple of products to try out.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 20.15.54

Instinctively  I wasn’t as keen on this one as it is quite bulky and I knew I was wearing it the whole time. I can see why it is popular as it does protect your phone well but I feel that comes at a price that I’m not keen to take.

I found it quite tricky to take on and off and as I like to use my phone for photos that was a bit drawback of this product for me. I think if I was planning to just carry my phone and not use it much then this product would be fine.

Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 20.16.40

The second product I was a lot keener on as it is so light and right from the first run of using it I really like it.

I have an iPhone 7 Plus and it fits really easy. If I want to listen to a podcast then there is a slit in the middle where the headphones fit.

When I want to use the phone to take a photo or video then it is really easy to pull off, use the phone and then replace in the band and slip back onto my arm.

The stretchy material makes it really comfortable to wear and I can hardly feel I have it on my arm which is great.

This has very quickly become part of my ultra running kit and I will be using it on all my long runs from.

If you are looking for a arm band to carry your phone I would recommend it.

RevereSport sent me a small and medium. The small was too tight but the medium fitted my arm perfectly. Rather than send back the small I gave it to my friend Tracey who regularly carries her phone with an arm band and asked her to write a review of how she found it.

Here is Tracey’s review ….

Review of REVERE SPORT “Band-Go”

I used the armband product over a two week period whilst running outside and walking the dog.  I found it extremely comfortable and easy to slide up into place on my arm.

I own a Sony Xperia phone, which fitted with ease into the band both inside its phone case and without the phone case. My preference was to keep my phone within its casing, in case I fell whilst running.

The band did not move or slide down my arm during my runs. It does not have any adjustability  to make it tighter or loose, however there was no give in the material and it remained tightly fixed at all times. I rarely use any headphones when running, so I wore the headphones when dog walking. The headphone cables ran easily through the splits in the top of the band and are located in three positions to accommodate the various positions of the headphone point from the phone. They did not work the wire loose or come out of phone port.

The band is not waterproof but I did use it in the rain several times and my phone remained dry however I think if I was going on a long trail run I would consider putting my phone into a plastic cover/bag or wrapping it into cling film prior to running with the band exposed to the elements.

The size of the band is generous. There was room for an iphone 7 which is longer than my Xperia. I also carried a set of house keys in the band along with my phone and there was a comfortable amount of room.

I washed the band in the same low temperature wash as my running kit and it maintained its shape, colour and reflective trims with no issue.

Overall the product was very satisfactory. It held well on my arm and gave a snug fit at all times both wearing against skin and over a long sleeve running top and jacket.  It is a generous size and well made. I would recommend this item for runners and active walkers alike.

Thanks again to RevereSport for the opportunity to try out two of your products.

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