Hardmoors 55 update and Video

What a day we and all the runners in the Hardmoors 55 race had yesterday! I can honestly say that of all the 41 ultras I have run that was the worse weather by far!

It started off quite nice for the first hour or two but then just got tougher and tougher with really strong winds and driving snow.

Despite the weather Katrina and I were in good spirits and getting the job done. We reached Kildale (42.79 miles) in 11hrs 09mins so well inside the 12hr cut-off. We decided to have some food and recoup before setting off the final 12 miles.

We were just about to leave at about 8.55pm when it was announced that the race was being stopped in the advice of the Mountain Rescue. They were stretched to their limit and didn’t want to have another 200 runners out on the Moors late at night.

We were disappointed as we were just about to go but we fully accepted and agreed with the decision.  Safety must be the priority.

I took some video clips of our journey which hopefully will give you a sense of the race but I didn’t video much of the really bad weather as I didn’t want to take my gloves off!

I’m not quite sure what to do with my ‘Guess My Time’ competition. Any suggestions??

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3 Responses to Hardmoors 55 update and Video

  1. Andy Norman says:

    Your final tracker time shows 11:09:01 for the 42 miles at Kildale, at that pace (955.738 secs/miles) I think you would have done 55 miles in a time of 14:36:05.

  2. Well done on getting so far in those conditions. I’m confident you would both have nailed a great finishing time. Pop the names in a hat?

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