Northern Traverse 3rd Recce weekend plans

This weekend I’m heading down to North Yorks for my third and final recce weekend on the Northern Traverse course.

Over the first two weekends I have covered the first 130 miles from St Bee’s to Danby Wiske. I have missed about 3 miles just before Grasmere when I had to turn back due to the ice. I’ve also went on the road instead of the path for the final mile or so into Rosthwaite and also the same into Reeth. But basically I have covered the first 130 miles of the course.

For my final recce I’m going to cover the rest of the route. Katrina is not coming on this one so I asked for some help with a lift from Robin Hood’s Bay back to the Lion Inn on the Hardmoors Facebook page and James Hargan got in touch and asked whether I would like some company. Then another friend Steve Brown was keen to come as well so I will have some company for Saturday which is great.

So the plan is as follows …

Friday 13th April

  • Drive down to Robin Hood’s Bay after work
  • Stay at Bay Ness Farm Campsite

Saturday 14th April

  • Meet James and Steve at 8am at the Flyingdale Hall car park
  • Drive my car to the Lion Inn
  • About 9am - run from the Lion Inn to Robin Hood’s Bay - approx. 30 miles

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 07.58.53

  • At the end of the run drive back to the Lion Inn to pick up my car
  • We will then go our separate ways.
  • I’m then driving to Osmotherley and staying at the Cote Ghyll Campsite

Sunday 15th April

  • About 8am (or maybe earlier!) my plan is to run to Danby Wiske and back approx. 9miles

Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 07.59.17

I would like to do about 60 miles over the weekend so I’ll work out how far I need to run in the other direction on another out and back from Osmotherley.

I know the 10 miles or so from Osmotherley to Bloworth Crossing as it is part of the Cleveland Way and I’ve done several Hardmoors races that cover that section.


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