Dragon’s Back Entries

I really enjoy looking at who has entered any race that I’m doing so now the Dragon’s Back numbers have been allocated and presumably the majority of the runners are now going to be on the start line I have done some analysing of the entries.

I have also created a spreadsheet with all the previous results . There have been 4 previous races in 1992 2012, 2015 and 2017 races. I reckon that 243 runners have completed the race at least once.

Please note this is an ‘unofficial’ spreadsheet. I’ve just taken the results from the race website.

For the 2019 race there are 463 entries with 75 women and 388 men.  Here is the breakdown looking at past entries and finishers.

Screenshot 2019-04-05 at 16.52.51

Some interesting facts from this year’s entries …

  • 397 runners have never run it before which includes me!
  • 14 runners have done finished it once before with just 1 female runner
  • 4 runners have completed it 2 times (2 men and 2 women)
  • 1 runners has completed it 3 times
  • 1 runner Joe Faulkner has run all 4 events

One of the stats I was interested in was how many had taken part in a previous event and not finished.

  • 5 women and 40 men have attempted the race and not finished
  • 2 runners have not finished twice

I’m sure their motivation will be really high to make sure they finish the race this time.

From my spreadsheet the percentage of finishers of the previous 3 races is as follows

  • 2012 - 83 started, 34 finished = 40.96%
  • 2015 - 133 started, 65 finished = 48.87%
  • 2017 - 222 started, 127 finished = 57.21%

It is good to see the percentage increasing each edition!

I wonder what it will be in 2019?

Any other comments?


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2 Responses to Dragon’s Back Entries

  1. Mark Griffith says:

    It would be interesting to see pace of day 1 and 2 for DNF and see if that was a correlated proxy for training or not moderating pace correctly.

    On that note what is your expected completion time for day 1?

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