Guess My Time - Devil o’ the Highlands

My next ultra is one I have done twice before and helped as a marshal a number of times.

The Devil o’ the Highlands ultra is 42 miles from Tyndrum to Fort William and starts at 6am on Saturday 3rd August 2019.

In 2009 I had probably my best year ultra wise when I ran 5 ultras in the year for the first time to celebrate my 50th year and as part of that challenge I finished the Devil o’ the Highlands in 6:55:35.

The second time I ran the race was in 2011 and that year was probably one of my worst years in my ultra running career! I struggled round the course in 8:23:15.

This year I still feel I am recovering from the Dragon’s Back race in May and so I’m really not sure how well this race is going to go. I have decided to start very conservatively and see how it goes. I might have to hang on for the whole race or more hopefully be able to finish strongly. Time will tell!

Once again my good friends at have offered a prize for the closest guess. This time it is a bottle of the excellent s-caps.

Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 18.19.43

Plus a limited edition ‘Guess My Time’ keyring …

Screenshot 2019-07-22 at 18.24.54

To take part and have a chance to win these prizes all you have to do is send me your guess in hours, minutes and seconds of how long you think it will take me to complete the 42 miles.

As before there is only one guess per time so if your time is taken I’ll ask you to guess again.

To give you an idea here are my goals for the race

  • Bronze – sub 9hrs 30mins
  • Silver – sub 9hrs
  • Gold – sub 8hrs 30mins

If you want to take part please send your guess by 4pm on Friday 2nd August 2019 by:-

  • leave a comment on this post
  • on my Facebook page
  • Twitter: @jkynaston
  • Text: 07905 218162
  • Instagram: jkynaston
  • Email: [email protected]
  • in person
  • any other imaginative method
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10 Responses to Guess My Time - Devil o’ the Highlands

  1. 8h 3 min good luck John.
    Cheers Norman.

  2. 7:55 as I still believe you have plenty quick ultra’s left in those legs!

  3. Gareth Crabb says:

    Lets say 9.05.00 All the best John!

  4. tima16107 says:

    Hi JohnI would like to guess 9:05:40 if th

  5. gary mclinton says:

    Hi John, Best of luck tomorrow. Can I guess 8hrs 07mins 06 seconds

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