Guess My Time - Virtual West Highland Way Race

I thought it would add to the fun (well for me anyway!) to have my traditional Guess My Time competition for the #VirtualWHrace which starts on Friday 12th June and finishes on Sunday 21st June.

The idea is to run the 95 miles from home over 9.5 days. I’m fortunate in that I’ll be able to run the majority of it on the Gleniffer Braes which is like a mini West Highland Way and an area I’ve used in training for all my ultra races over the past 13 years.

Here is my plan

Screenshot 2020-05-24 at 10.31.09

There will be a spot prize and a limited edition key ring for the closest guess.

To enter all you need to do is guess how long it will take me to run the 95 miles over the 9.5 days.

To give you an idea of a rough guess at the moment when I do a 15 mile loop on the Braes it takes me around 3hrs which is 5mph or 12 min miles. If I average 12min mile for the whole 95 miles then it would take me 19hrs 00mins 00secs but some of the runs will be shorter and potentially faster.

I’m setting myself …

  • Bronze - sub 19:51:59 - my West Highland Way personal best!
  • Silver - sub 19hrs
  • Gold - sub 18hrs

To take part please send me your guess in hours, minutes and seconds by 5pm Thursday 11th June by ..

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  • Facebook
  • Twitter @jkynaston
  • any other method!

Thanks and all the best


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8 Responses to Guess My Time - Virtual West Highland Way Race

  1. Morning John,

    So sorry you had a technical glitch last night but look forward to it being rescheduled and to your up and coming interview with James Elson. We’ve just had an amazing week with his Centurion Running One community virtual races with distances feom 5k bringing kids involved and 100 miles.

    Looking at the WHW VR is there a link to entry ? And whilst we’re on the subject what is the usual procedure for entering the actual race which is love to do next year ?

    All the best And keep up your great work - really engaging stuff 👍🏼



    • Hi Mike
      Yes it was frustrating last night but as this was my 21st interview I suppose I’ve done well tech wise. Hopefully my interview with James tomorrow will go without a hitch!

      All the details for our #VirtualWHWrace are on the race website

      You can also read about the entry procedure for the race but I must warn you that the majority of runners who had a place for 2020 have taken up their place for 2021 so we don’t expect there will be any places left for new runners. Sorry!

  2. Gary Mclinton says:

    Hi John, wish you and all other competitors a fantastic time on the challenge. My guess is 16hrs 54mins 32 seconds. Keep safe.

    All the very best

    Gary Mclinton

  3. Derek Gibson says:

    Hi John
    I guess 16 hours and 44 minutes.
    Enjoy the running

  4. Angela says:

    Hi John

    I guess you will do WHE 19:26:56

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