Off road run on the Braes

Time: 11.45am
Route: Glennifer Braes
Distance: 12.5miles
Time Run: 1hr 57mins 26secs (av 9.26mins per mile)

Today was another run day and I enjoyed getting out on the Braes in my off road innov-8 Rocklites. I set off aiming to run at the pace I want to do for the first 12 miles of the race. The route today is a lot hillier than Milngavie to Drymen but it was a good goal. I really enjoyed the run and was happy with how I felt. It is very easy to think every little niggle is a potential injury but basically I’m feeling good and have nothing to worry about …. but that probably won’t stop me thinking the worse every time I feel anything in my legs!!!

I don’t know whether you have watched the BBC programme, ‘The Andes: Beyond Boundaries, about a group of disabled young people who walked across the Andes. I didn’t see all the episodes but I watched the last one on the BBC iplayer last night. There was one girl Julie, who goes to Paisley University (now named University of the West of Scotland) who has Celebral Palsy which affects the left side of her body, is partly deaf and struggles to communitcate clearly. In the final episode Julie really struggled as they had to walk through thick mud. It would be difficult for anyone to walk in those conditions but it was almost impossible for Julie. She is obviously a real fighter and refused to give up. The rest of the team rallied round her and she made it to the end. I was in tears watching the programme and was humbled by her determination and pure will to succeed. At one point she gave a speech to the rest of the group, who were arguing about what pace they should walk at, encouraging them to enjoy it and to make the most of this once in a lifetime experience. So as I ran today I have decided that when things get tough on the whw race I’m going to think of Julie’s example.

Tim and Thomas have published their goals for the whw race on their blogs. I know a number of people don’t like to do this, especially publicly, but I’ve always wanted to be open and honest about my goals and training and so it was good to read of their goals for the race. I have already stated mine but in case you missed them they are …

bronze medal goal: sub 22hrs 45mins 19secs (to beat last year’s time)

silver medal goal: sub 22hrs

gold medal goal: sub 21hrs 30mins

As far as my competition is going I have 23 entries so far with a good range of times! If you want to enter you have two weeks left.

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