Video diary of my Hardmoors 55 mile race

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5 Responses to Video diary of my Hardmoors 55 mile race

  1. Jennifer Neu says:

    Very cool - Ultra is on my list of things I would like to accomplish. The picture was really nice.

  2. Julien says:

    Great video John. I like how your impressions change progressively from “temperature is really good” to “very cold” 🙂
    Good choices for the soundtrack too!

  3. Anonymous says:


    Could I ask you, or anyone in the wider running community, what type of headtorch (or more pertinently weight) you use.

    I have a Petzl MYO XP here unopened. At 175g with batteries it feels a bit heavy, should I go for the Tikka XP instead at 78g?

    Appreciate any help or comments.

    John R

  4. Thomas says:

    John, a great video as usual and it gives a bit of an insight into those very unpleasant conditions. I am really sorry for Sharon but you just cannot plan for that kind of weather. She will be back!

    Hi John R,
    The MYO XP is the best you can get for running in the dark. It sits very comfortable, it does not feel heavy really, and has an absolute superb brightness. You can get lighter batteries though. They might not last as long but still long enough.

    Of you run on tarmac you may gt away with a lighter one which is less bright. But for trails the XP is the best! Well… there is a VERY expensive alternative I believe which is even brighter.

  5. Anthony Gerundini says:

    Great video John, thanks, brings back good memories of the race.

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