Less than a week to go

I was up and out the house by 7.30am for my last longer run before next Saturday’s Highland Fling. I wanted to do at least 10miles but not much more so I did one circuit on the Braes plus getting up and back made it 10.81miles. Perfect.

Inevitability I spent most of the run thinking about the race next week, imagining where I’d like to be and when. I always run a good race in mind!
I’ve also been thinking about the Male Super Vet race and how I might get on. For me my time is the main motivation as your position all depends on who turns up on the day in your category. But it is fun to have a look as to who is around.
From the official entry list I reckon there are 49 Male Super Vets (50-59 yr olds) and of the17 who have run before I have the fastest time but Mike Thomson was quicker than me last year. Obviously I don’t know anything about the majority who have never run it before so I’ve no idea really whether I have a chance. We’ll find out soon enough!

Full list of MSV entries

NOTE: After I posted this I checked the Fling web site for entries and discovered that both Bill Maxwell (9:31:09 last year) and Roger Greenaway (9:46:34 last year) have entered for this year. So just goes to show that it depends on who enters on the day!!
My guesses are coming in now. I have 30 so far ranging from 9:19:19 to 10:21:01. Remember Friday 6pm is the deadline.
The London Marathon is a week today and my good friend John Mclaughlin will be going for his latest attempt at sub 3hrs. I really hope he does it this time! John is also looking for sponsors …

For the last 31 years I have worked at Art & Industrial Engraving, which is a small family run company. Through my work I met my good friend Roy Lees and for almost 3 decades now I have been aware of Teen Challenge (Strathclyde), a Christian run charity which operates across central Scotland to help people who have developed life controlling problems, especially drug / alcohol addictions. Having seen first hand the difference Teen Challenge can make to people’s lives, and the tireless work done by Roy Lees, Donald Ross and Bill Kerr to name but a few, I would like now to try through my marathon running to raise as much money as possible for this needy charity,

I would appreciate and more importantly, would greatly appreciate any contributions you may wish to offer financially.

I know lots of people get asked for sponsorship but if you would like to contribute go to http://www.justgiving.com/John-McLaughlin
10.81miles in 1hr 46mins 13secs (9.50 pace)
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1 Response to Less than a week to go

  1. Vicky Hart says:

    I am going to guess inside your pace plan, and say 9:33:30. Good luck.

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