Recovery Run

Tonight Katrina is running the Troon 10k and I’m busy at lunch time so I decided to go out at 6.20am this morning for my first run since Saturday.

I normally just do an easy 5miler on the road but I was keen to try out my new Saucony Peregrine’s so decided to run four laps of Brodie Park.

My legs felt fine but I made sure I ran nice and steady. But it was encouraging not to have any soreness or niggles.

On the evidence of a 5mile run on the grass my new shoes feel good. They will have sterner tests ahead!

If you are wondering whether I’m did a video of Saturday’s race then the answer is yes but I didn’t do as many video clips as normal. I was too busy chatting. I’m trying to see if there any more photos of me on the route that I can add in!! So if you happen to have seen any can you let me know?

I’m looking forward to watching the Troon 10k tonight. I have ran it in the past but felt it was too close to the Fling this year. That’s not stopped Ian B running it though but he does have a special reason which I’m sure he’ll blog about.

It means I can give him his prize for winning my ‘Guess My Time’ competition!

Don’t tell Katrina but I reckon she has a pb in her tonight! Her best is just under 53mins but with the way she ran and trained for the half marathon I reckon she could take a minute or two off that.

Wed 4th May Run Details
5.27miles in 46mins 54secs (8.55pace)

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2 Responses to Recovery Run

  1. WHW Runner says:

    I'll need to blog now John! See you tonight.

  2. Go Katrina! Text me and let me know how it goes please.

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