Hoka Highland Fling Results

The provisional results are on the Hoka Highland Fling Web Site.  I always enjoy working out the splits for each leg and putting them in order. 

I must stress this is just my attempt and is not the official version, though they are based on the real results!!

If you want to download the full spread sheet you are very welcome. You can sort each column by using the button at the top of the cloumn.

Here is a snapshot of Katrina and my results.

So we were 232nd at Drymen, 240th at Rowardennan, 254th at Beinglas Farm and 255th at Tyndrum out of 362 finishers.

That mirrors how I felt we’d done on the day.  Maybe started a little bit too fast, lost places from Rowardennan to Beinglas Farm but held our own over the last 12miles.

Looking at our positions for each split we were ….

232nd Milngave to Drymen
238th Drymen to Rowardennan
266th Rowardennan to Beinglas Farm
262nd Beinglas Farm to Tyndrum

I found it really interesting to look at the splits and see the way different runners tackled the race.  Go off hard from the start and struggle near the end or start very steady and finish strong and all in between.

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2 Responses to Hoka Highland Fling Results

  1. Andy Cole says:

    Well done the Kynastons! You both looked in really good shape as you finished, you must have had a great day out. (I think you started too fast though, 2.15 to Drymen would have seen you finish in under 12 hours…..). Thanks for doing the spreadsheet John, always fascinating.

  2. I followed Andy's advice and went out slow and tried to conserve myself for the end. It's counterintuitive as you are really struggling to hold back on the pace. It is a useful strategy if you're worried about the distance or the pace (as I was). I ran most of the race with Terry Addison who adopted the same strategy. My overall positions were: 289, 217, 186 & 181. Terry did 288, 226, 177 & 171. I had an energy low just after Dario's post and then I got some pretty bad knee pain after the big gate so I never caught Terry again. I had estimated 12 hrs based on previous reports by John and based on my (lack of) fitness so an 11:37 finish is satisfying.

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