Easy Run with Katrina

I’m really looking forward to the Aviemore Half Marathon on Sunday.  I’ve heard lots of good things about the course, organisation and atmosphere.

Katrina and I went out for an easy run tonight after work. It’s always fun to run together as we chat about all sorts of things on the way round including running and our goals for Sunday.

Initially I thought it would be a case of just getting round because it’s only 4 weeks after the 100k in the Lakes but I’ve recovered better than I expected and so have decided to push as hard as I can and go for a decent time.

I like to have my goals so for this race they are as follows ….

Bronze: sub 1hr 30mins
Silver: sub 1hr 28mins
Gold: sub 1hr 27mins 36secs

My gold time is based on my Inverness Half Marathon time from March this year. It would be fun to get under that time.  I’m hoping that the course is faster than Inverness!

I’ve already decided on my main races for next year - the four races of the Hardmoors Grand Slam but our friend Gaynor has invited Katrina and I to run in her Tour of Skiddaw on Saturday 23rd August 2014.

It fits in well as it will really help in my build up to the Hardmoors 60 in September.  We plan to run it together.  So if you are interested in joining us have a look at Gaynor’s web site ….

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One Response to Easy Run with Katrina

  1. Good luck to you and Katrina. No Guess My Time competition?

    I'm not familiar with the course, but believe it's mostly trails, got a few hills and is on average downhill. Whatever the time you'll get it'll sure be beautiful place to run.

    It'll also make a perfect training run just in case you get tempted to end the Jedburgh 3 peaks race :-)

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