Review of November

I ran my normal Pollok Park Loop at lunch time today. I decided not to make it a Tempo run as I can still feel my quads from Sundays run and my calves from Mondays run! So a nice and easy 6miler.

November has been a good solid if unspectacular month. I aimed to run 4 times a week and that is what I did.

I ran a total of 145miles …. all runs nov 14

Nov 14 graph

Here it is in a weekly format with my cycle days ….nov 14 exercise

During November I reached one of my goals for the year … to run 2014 miles in 2014.  At the end of November I was up to 2032.59. Here is a summary of all my different types of runs by month ….

jan-nov summary

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3 Responses to Review of November

  1. Hi John,

    Opting not run a tempo run is a good example of how to listen to your body and know not to risk another more stressful run. I’m sure this maturity of approach is a big part of how you’ve been able to cope with all the training and racing without injury.

    BTW, your figures for April look wrong - as 11 runs over 20 miles won’t equal 155.11 miles 🙂

    • Well spotted Robert. What would I do without you checking my stats!!
      I’ve corrected it. Thanks

      • Woohoo Web2.0 is functioning 🙂

        Now… the next question has to be… how this years overall stats compare to previous years w.r.t % of time/miles/run each month for each type of run catagory.

        I guess what I’m looking for is to see if there a patterns associated with good years/less good years.

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