Early Morning Tempo Run

This morning I was up and out by 6.30am for my tempo run.  The plan this week was for a 1 mile warm up, then 3 miles at tempo pace, another easy mile then 1 faster tempo mile and a cool down mile.

I was running well during the 3 mile tempo and even thought about keeping it going lounger but decided to stick to my plan.

When I got to the 1 mile faster run I decided to push a bit harder and see what I had in my legs. After a few minutes I could feel my hamstring on my left leg.  It was just only a minor pain but I decided to ease off so I didn’t do anything silly.

35tempoI’m writing this after work and I can still feel my hamstring which is not great news! I have a hill run planned tomorrow after work when Jonny was planning to join me but I’m going to be sensible and see how it feels.

If it is still a little sore I’ll take a day or two off and hopefully it’s nothing too serious. On Sunday I have an 18mile run planned with Marco so I’m keen to do that.  I’ll take things a day at a time and see how it reacts.

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1 Response to Early Morning Tempo Run

  1. Sorry to hear that your hamstring is sore. Hopefully a few days taking it easy will sort it out.

    Having tracked your blog over the years I do wonder if your don’t do enough recovery runs, and that your pace and HR wise there isn’t a big gap between your easy days and tempo/hill sessions days. A recent post on runnersworld comes to mind:


    With taking it easy to heal the hamstring try running at ultra race pace, i.e. 9 to 10min/mile pace. Your HR monitor might have alarm feature for if your HR stays outside a user defined range, if so you could use this to shout at your any time you accidentally drift to too fast a pace. For you I’d guess you’d want something like a 100 to 120bpm range for recovery runs.

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