Hardmoors results

Katrina and I really enjoyed our runs today. The conditions over the last couple of hours were really tough.  The Cleveland Way was very muddy and the wind and rain were straight in our faces but it’s the same for everyone!

Full report to come but the basic facts ..

Me - 30 mile race - 5hrs 01min 36secs.  I finished 27th and 4th M50

Katrina - 15mile race - 2hrs 58mins 06secs. Not sure of Katrina’s overall time but she was 3rd F50.

Tomorrow I’m doing a 20mile recce run in preparation for March’s 55 mile Hardmoor race.

My Guess my time competition was won by one of my work colleagues Mo McCormick who guessed 5.02.17

here is a phot of Katrina and I after the race trying to warm up! image

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1 Response to Hardmoors results

  1. Graham MacBroom says:

    Well done on your Hardmoors 30 what a result, things must have went well as you smashed the 6hr mark. Look forward to reading the full report.

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