Review of January

Tonight Katrina and I had a good recovery run.  Just over 5miles at 8.40 pace that did us both good.

January has been an excellent month for me.  I ran 235.22 miles which included the Hardmoors 30 race and a Hardmoors recce run. Here is a summary …

Jan 14 runsIn a graph form from RunningAhead ….Graph January 2014

Plus some different sized circles from Strava …

Strava summary Jan 14

I like to keep a track of the types of runs I’m doing so here is another spreadsheet ….

Jan14 summary of types of runsI really feel January has given me a great base for the year. I’m really keen to build on it and work towards my next race, Hardmoors 55, on Saturday 22nd March.

I have more of the same for the next month coming including my next long run …. 42miles on Sunday 23rd February. I have booked a bus from Tyndrum at 8.44am to Fort William so will be running back.  I don’t think I’ve ever ran the whole distance that way so that will be fun.


I’m well ahead of the 2014 miles in 2014 but I always expected to as I tend to do some higher monthly mileage in the first half of the year.

2014 miles - 2 Feb


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