Tempo Run

This week is my planned second easier week after the Hardmoors 60 but I feel I’ve recovered really quickly and so have decided to run a bit quicker as the mood takes me.

I set off for a 5 mile run and again didn’t look at the paced until I’d run 3 miles or so. The pace was below 7.25 so I decided to keep it going.  I normally like to see the pace below 7.15 to count it as a Tempo run and anything over 7.45 is classed as an easy run so I probably should have a third category say steady run for runs between 7.15-7.45 pace but RunningAhead only has easy or tempo.

My thoughts were confirmed when Robert O left this comment …

7:27 pace isn’t a tempo run lazy boy! For a man of your abilities it’ll be well below 7 min/mile pace. Given the rest of your performance I believe you’d be able to comfortable do a 3:15 marathon, which is 7:27 pace, so your “tempo” run would probably be better classified as a marathon paced run…

Which makes me wonder if some day you might be tempted to have a go a setting a marathon PB. Your great half marathon times suggest that you’ve got the speed, your great ultra performances suggest you’ve got the endurance, all you need to do is filling in the missing distance in between.

The training and racing mileage this year is pretty clear cut though, it’s impressive to putting in so many miles injury free. Such a year is great foundation to work from too. Might we entice you back to run more Scottish ultra’s next year?

Fair comment. As mentioned Tempo should be below 7.15 or even 7.00. Regarding doing a marathon …. I’m afraid it’s not on the agenda.  I would only do one if I was prepared to do it properly and train for 10-12 weeks and I basically enjoy the off road trail runs too much.

I’m starting to sort out my plans for 2015 and it will include some Scottish Ultras.  My main race for 2015 will be the Lakeland 100 but I would like to run the Hardmoors 55 in March and the Cateran Trail (55miles) in May if I can get a place.  I’ve not thought about races after the Lakeland 1oo yet but I would like to do another 1 or 2 Scottish ones.

Today I was at Glasgow Green all day with work as we had over 3,000 P5 children running 3k and doing lots of ‘Come and Try’ sports. Unfortunately the weather was pretty wet for most of the day.

Haile Gebreselassie and Tiki Gelana came along and cheered on the children as they ran ….haile

Katrina and I are going along to the Millennium Hotel tonight for a “Meeting with Haile’ where he will answer questions.  Should be really good.

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