Review of September

Last night Katrina & I travelled to Edinburgh to listen to William Sichel talk about his recent 3,100 mile race in New York. It was really interesting as William shared about his preparation for the race and how he managed to complete it.

Today at lunch time I went for a run round my Pollok Park loop.  I set off deciding to run steady, not look at my watch and run how I felt.  I ran faster as the run went on and I ended up running 6.22miles at 7.27 pace so I’ll call that a tempo run!

My plan for this week is to run 3 times and then from next week 4 times a week. I’ll be going back to the club fartlek sessions on a Monday night to get some speed back in my legs!

September has been a good solid month with the Hardmoors 60 the main focus.  I ran 182.10 miles in 16 runs.  Here is a summary of all my runs ….

sept runs table

and in diary type format including my cycling ….

and in a graph with the Hardmoors 60 dominating …. sept runs graph

So far this year I have ran 1,763.87 miles …..2014 runs summary to sept

I have just over 250 miles to run to complete the 2014 miles in 2014. It works out as 83miles a month or 21miles a week so I’m pretty confident I’ll make that.

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1 Response to Review of September

  1. 7:27 pace isn’t a tempo run lazy boy! For a man of your abilities it’ll be well below 7 min/mile pace. Given the rest of your performance I believe you’d be able to comfortable do a 3:15 marathon, which is 7:27 pace, so your “tempo” run would probably be better classified as a marathon paced run…

    Which makes me wonder if some day you might be tempted to have a go a setting a marathon PB. Your great half marathon times suggest that you’ve got the speed, your great ultra performances suggest you’ve got the endurance, all you need to do is filling in the missing distance in between.

    The training and racing mileage this year is pretty clear cut though, it’s impressive to putting in so many miles injury free. Such a year is great foundation to work from too. Might we entice you back to run more Scottish ultra’s next year?

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