Guess My Time Entries

I often like to have a run round Brodie Park as my last run before an ultra race so I set off after work to run 3 loops which would be just over 4miles.  I wore my pack just as a final practice run.John 03-19My Guess My Time Competition is now closed. I received 128 guesses which must be one of my largest ever! So thank you to everyone who sent in a guess. I tried to keep track of them all but if I have missed yours for some reason please let me know!

I have decided that is there is a tie (ie same number of seconds away from my official time) then I’m going to go with the quickest time.

The breakdown is as follows …

  • Gold medal goal sub 10hrs - 51 guesses
  • Silver medal goal 10hr to 10hrs 15mins - 43 guesses
  • Bronze medal goal 10hr 15mins 10hrs 30mins - 20 guesses
  • Over 10hrs 30mins - 14 guesses

Here is the full list …GMT 1gmt 2gmt 3gmt 4I will try and update my time as soon as I can after the race.  Thanks again I look forward to seeing who is the closest guess.


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2 Responses to Guess My Time Entries

  1. is it too late to go for 9:58:00?

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