Training Plan for Cateran 55

My next ultra is the Cateran 55 on Saturday 16th May which is just under 7 weeks away.  I had planned out my training plan a few months ago but I’ve decided to change it a bit after the Hardmoors race and also due to family commitments. It may still change a bit but hopefully not too much.

I’m also working towards the main goal of this year, namely the Lakeland 100 in July. One of the sessions I’ve decided to bring back in is some speed work. Originally I planned to not go to the club Fartlek session on a Monday but I feel that the speed work I did for the Half Marathon definitely helped my ultra running.

Last night I went along to the club. The weather was pretty poor with rain and strong wind and there was only 3 of us who braved the elements! Ewan was leading the way with Norman bring up the rear which left me in the middle!

The session was 5 x 5min (2mins 30sec recovery) followed by 5 x 1min (30sec) recovery.  I wasn’t too sure how my legs would respond and so took the first 5min rep a bit easier. I thought it was going to be hard going but after that first one I felt good and kept up a good pace.

The rain continued for the first rep but eased off after that. The wind however was as strong all the way through. It was against us on the way out and helped a bit on the way back but it seemed to coming from the side as well!

I was very pleased with my effort. I didn’t make the 5miles for the 30mins but it’s always hard when it’s 5min reps plus the wind and rain!!

fartlek 03-30

I kept a good heart rate going throughout the session.  It was pretty cold and I was more than happy to get home and into the shower to warm up.  Hopefully spring is on its way!

Here is my revised training plan for the Cateran 55 ..

plan for cateran v2

I normally plan 3 harder weeks and an easy week but the way things have worked out with other weekend commitments it worked out more alternating hard/easy weeks. It will be interesting to see how it works.

This Friday/Saturday Jonny & I are travelling to Keswick and we are running with Dave on Friday. The plan is to run from Dockray to Ambleside (36miles) then on Saturday Jonny & I are going to run Ambleside to Coniston (15miles)

I’m really looking forward to getting back on the Lakeland 100 route. I hope the weather has improved by Friday!!

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