Recovery Runs

My plan for this week after the Cateran race last Saturday was three easy runs Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Tuesday’s run I mentioned on my lessons learnt post so here is a quick summary of the next two.

Thursday - road run

I ran after work and once again kept my watch on current heart rate and made sure I kept it below 130. My legs felt really good and a few times I had to hold my self back a bit. Once home I was happy to see that my average pace for the 6.49 miles was 7:56 pace with an average HR of 129.

Saturday - off road run

All my off road runs from now on will have the Lakeland 100 in mind so I’ll be running with my fully kitted out rucksack. There is a fair amount of compulsory kit for the L100 so it’s good to get used to running with it.

I set off at 7am with the sun shining. There was a little chill in the air but it felt great to be out running.  Again I kept my watch on HR and made sure I didn’t do anything silly.

05-23 braes 2 05-23 braes 1

So another solid recovery run. The next 3 weeks are going to be an important block of training for the L100.  I’m going to do a mixture of speed work, runs up Ben Lomond and longer runs.

This weekend is the Hardmoors 110/160.  The 160 runners started on Friday night at 5pm so they have been going for almost 17hrs as I write. They all have trackers so I’ve been following their progress. Shelli Gordon (blue 4) is leading the way.

H160 trackers

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