First run since Lakeland 100

I finished the Lakeland 100 at 11.36pm on Saturday 25th July. Within a few minutes of sitting down my left shin was very sore. It had been sore for the final 8hrs of the race but it was only uncomfortable when I was running and certainly wasn’t going to stop me.

I went to the A&E department in Paisley on the Monday after the race and the doctor reckoned it was tendinitis and besides ice and ibuprofen the main treatment was rest.  So I’ve not run for two and a half weeks.

I’ve actually quite enjoyed having a rest after training pretty hard for the past 7 months building up to the race.  But I was ready to get running again and I was looking forward to getting my kit and shoes on and heading out for an easy run after work.

It helped that it was a lovely evening.  I ran just over 4 miles and I couldn’t feel my shin at all so that was good news. I felt a bit sluggish overall but that’s to be expected.

I now have just over 5 weeks before my next race … the Tour de Ben Nevis (42miles) on Saturday 19th September. My plan is to run every other day for another 10 days and then have 2-3 week of harder training before an easy week before the race.

after run

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1 Response to First run since Lakeland 100

  1. Rick Williams says:

    Glad to read you’re back running. Rick

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