Hardmoors 160 ‘Guess My Time’ Entries

My latest ‘Guess My Time’ competition is now CLOSED.

I have received 136 guesses ranging from 39:24:00 to def (did not finish)!

Thank you to everyone who sent in a guess. We will know by Sunday who was the closest guess to win the Ultimate Direction jacket donated by www.ultramarathonrunningstore.com

Thanks to Keith from the store for donating the prize.

The 136 guesses break down as follows ….

  • My gold goal sub 42hrs - 20 guesses
  • My Silver goal sub 42-45hrs - 78 guesses
  • My Bronze goal sub 50hrs - 37 guesses
  • def - 1 guess!!

Here is the full list.  Some people have a very small window!! In the case of a tie (ie the same difference off the correct time) I will take the quicker guess.

If you sent me a guess and it is not here please get own touch. I tried to record them all but I may have missed one or two!!

gmt 1gmt 2gmt 3gmt 4

Thanks again to all who sent in a guess.  You can follow the race via the tracker.  Once I have the link I will post here, on Facebook and Twitter.

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