Castle of Mey 10k Report

Last weekend was our long weekend so we decided to have a trip to visit Jo, Jono & Seth in Inverness and then Hollie in Thurso. It worked out well as Hollie was doing her first 10k at Castle of Mey so we decided to enter as well and join her.

We drove up on Thursday evening and stayed with Jo & Jono. I went out for an easy run before breakfast while Katrina entertained Seth. I was feeling okayish but I have to accept that it is going to take longer than I thought to recover from the Hardmoors 160.

We had a lovely walk with Jo & Seth at the Rogie Falls. We tried out a back pack that our friend’s kindly loaned us. It was fun having Seth in the pack. He was very happy making lots of funny noises.

roges 1

With daughter Jo and grandson Seth!

rogie falls

Rosie Falls on the Black Isle

We headed up to Thurso in time to meet Hollie leaving school. Hollie had volunteered to organise her school sports day and when she realised we were off on Monday she asked us to stay and help! So we dropped off some equipment I’d brought up for her to use.

thros selfie

With Hollie and Katrina on Thurso beach on Friday night

Saturday we had a lovely day driving west to Tongue stopping off at Strathy Point Lighthouse on the way and Bettyhill beach on the way back. The weather was stunning and makes you appreciate the beauty of Scotland.

j & h

With Hollie at Strathy Point Lighthouse

k & h

Katrina and Hollie and stunning coast line

The Castle Of Mey 10k didn’t kick off until 2pm so we had a relaxing morning and we drove over to register about 12.15pm. The weather was lovely and it was clear it was going to be a warm race!

I had brought my club vest but decided not to wear it. In my mind I thought if I wear my vest then I’ll be in race mode and I was trying my best to see this as an easy race as I know I’m still recovering from the Hardmoors 160.

Mey 10k start

Before the race in front of the Castle of Mey

There were 296 running with a good mixture of club runners and ‘fun’ runners. I decided to start just ahead of the 50min pacer but that meant there were about 40 or so runners ahead of me.

The course was square shape with the first 5k mainly downhill with the wind behind and the second 5k mainly uphill against the wind so I knew it was going to be hard to run it at an even pace.

mey 10k route

On the warm up before the race I was happy to note that I felt okay and so I was looking forward to the race but I still wanted to be careful and not go off too hard. I wished Hollie and Katrina a good race and we waited for the countdown and start right on the dot of 2pm

start 2

Start of the race


You can just about spot me in the middle in orange!

Over the first kilometre or so I went past quite a few runners until I found my place. I went through the first km in 4:04 which I knew was a bit quick but it was mainly downhill. After 3km I was on my own with a few runners about 50m ahead.

I settled into a steady pace and tried to keep my breathing under control but I was working as hard as I dared. I went through the first mile in 6:29 and the second mile in 6:35.

Just before the 5k marker there is a short out and back which I assume is to make the distance to 10k. As I was going out the leader was coming back so I decided to count how many runners there were in front of me. I reckon there were 28 or so in front of me.

I felt I had gone off a little too quick and I was going to struggle to keep the pace at the same. I reached the 5k mark in 20:25 which would give me sub 41mins if I could keep it going.

The next 4k were mainly up hill and I was definitely gong slower! But no-one went past me and I caught a couple more runners so I assume everyone was slower over the second half.

The final kilometre was downhill to the Castle so I pushed it as hard as I could and ran 7:04 for the final mile.

There was a photographer taking photos of everybody so here are the three of us finishing:-

john finish

28th in 42:59

katrina finish

Katrina was 70th in 49:12

hollie finish 1

Hollie had a sprint finish with a couple of guys!

hollie finish 2

Hollie finished 101st in 52:35

mey 10k end

With our medals!

We all enjoyed the race and headed back to Thurso for a well earned meal at a Carvary!

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5 Responses to Castle of Mey 10k Report

  1. adamhaesler says:

    Hey John,
    Hope you are well and happy Global Running Day!

    Great story, sound like you had an awesome Victoria day long weekend!

    Catchya later!

    • David says:

      Hey John!

      I don’t want to take up too much of your time, so I’ll make this brief.

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      Our D3O technology that makes up the insole is a special substance that’s putty soft when you’re not moving, but hardens as you put more pressure on it and produces a higher energy return. We’ve got a cool kit with the D3O putty we can send you to play with if you get interested.

      The result is comfort and better performance when you’re running that should allow you to, as we like to say, break your limits. Even though Bolt is our most high-profile user, these products are really for any activity, not just world-class athletes. It can help anyone.

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      Is that something you’d be interested in doing? Just e-mail me back and we can get started.

  2. revrichard10 says:

    I enjoyed your report John. Your predictive text tool thinks you’re writing sermons again, unless you really did go for a meal at a Calvary. That’s not a type of restaurant we have many of here in Warwickshire!

  3. Great photo’s John, all those smiles can’t help but send a positive message than running is fun 🙂

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