Guess My Time Entries

Just two sleeps to go before the Lakes in a Day ultra!

Thanks for everyone who has sent in a guess. I have 33.  Here is the full list …


The quickest was sent by race organiser James Thurlow and would be the course record!!!  So we safely say James isn’t going to win!!

The guesses breakdown as follows according to my gold, silver and bronze goals …

  • Gold - sub 13hrs - 12 guesses
  • Silver - sub 13hrs 30mins - 14 guesses
  • Bronze - sub 14hrs - 3 guesses
  • Worse than bronze - 4 guesses

Remember if you want to follow my progress here is the live link. The race starts at 8am on Saturday 8th October 2016.


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1 Response to Guess My Time Entries

  1. Best of luck John, time p wrap up an year fine year of ultra races

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