Lakes in a Day Race Splits

I always find it very interesting to work out how I did in each leg win comparison to the field so I took the stats from the live link and with a bit of work produced my normal spread sheet which shows time and position at each checkpoint and also leg time and leg position.

Lakes in a Day Splits

So according to this sheet which I must emphasise is not official! here is how I did in comparison to the field

  • Start - 306 runners
  • Threlkeld (10.29 miles) - 75th
  • Helvellyn (19.31 miles) - 51st (leg position 30th)
  • Ambleside (28.46 miles) - 47th (leg position 44th)
  • Finsthwaite (42.64 miles) - 36th (leg position 30th)
  • Cartmel (50.68 miles) - 35th (leg position 57th)

I feel I was pretty consistent throughout the race without any real ‘bad’ legs. My descent from Fairfield to Ambleside lost me some time I think.

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