10 years of Blogging!

I realised today that this blog is 10 years old. I wrote my first blog post on Monday 30th October 2006.  Here is my first ever post …

A few days ago I discovered there is a race over the West Highland Way each June. The route is 95 miles long and starts from Milngavie and finishes at Fort William.
Next year (2007) the race starts at 1am 23 June and competitors have 35 hours to walk/jog/run the route. There are 8 check points along the way.

I am 47 and run regularly – aiming for 1,000 miles a year and I also really enjoy hill walking. I have done a couple of long distance runs/walks and so I have decided to enter the WHW race.

I thought I’d set up this blog to record my progress. The race is 8 months away. I will try and find a countdown clock to see how much time I have exactly!!

If you want to find out more about the race go to http://www.westhighlandwayrace.org/

I honestly thought I would keep it going for a year as I recorded my training for the West Highland Way Race. I assumed that once I’d done it once that would be it and I’d look for another type of running challenge.

But here I am 10 years later still sharing my ultra training. So here are some of facts from the last 10 years ….

  • I have written 2,645 separate posts (of varying lengths!)
  • I have run 39 ultras including the West Highland Way 6 times
  • I reckon I have been out for just over 2,000 training runs and races
  • I have run 20,268.80 miles

I could go on and on but I think that will do for now.

I would thank everyone who has read and hopefully enjoyed this blog. I know there are some people who have read the majority of my posts. I can’t imagine there is anyone who has read them all????

There are some who have joined more recently. So whether you have been with me from the start or somewhere along the last 10 years THANK YOU and I hope my thoughts and records have been helpful.

Here’s to the next 10 years!!



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4 Responses to 10 years of Blogging!

  1. John Cassidy says:

    Well done John.
    #beinspired #betheinspiration

  2. dhlwilson says:

    Wow, what a journey!

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