Guess My Time Competition - Highland Fling

My first ultra of the year is coming up on Saturday 29th April 2017 so it’s time to open up my traditional ‘Guess My Time’ competition. This will be my 40th ultra since my very first one which was also the Highland Fling in 2007.

For each and every ultra I’ve run this fun competition. It started off as a fun way of getting friends and family involved and has now become part of my ultra build up!

The good people at have once again offered to provide prizes for the competitions this year. There are some superb prizes especially for my two longest races the West Highland Way race in June and the Ring O’ Fire race in September so watch out for those!

For the Highland Fling ‘Guess My Time’ the store are offering two prizes of a bottle of the excellent S-Cap tablets worth £16.99.

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 06.42.05Plus the person with the closest guess will receive a limited edition key ring

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 06.43.43

and have their name on my wall of fame as a winner of my ‘Guess My Time’ competition!!

Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 06.43.32

If you want to take part all you have to do is guess how long it will take me to run the 53 miles from Milngavie to Tyndrum along the West Highland Way. The race starts at 6am.

To give you an idea I’ve run the race 7 times and here is a summary of my times …

  • 2007 - 10:36:10
  • 2008 - 9:44:10
  • 2009 - 9:49:11
  • 2010 - 10:14:09
  • 2011 - 10:22:12
  • 2012 - 12:25:21 (with Katrina)
  • 2013 -10:05:59

As you can see the last time was four years ago so can I get near that time again?  My goals for the race are as follows:-

  •  Bronze - sub 11hrs
  • Silver - sub 10hrs 30mins
  • Gold - sub 10hrs 15mins

To enter please send your guess by 5pm on Friday 28th April 2017 by:-

  • Comment this blog
  • Facebook - jkynaston
  • Twitter - @jkynaston
  • Email - [email protected]
  • Text - 07905 218162
  • Whatsapp
  • In person

Any other suitable medium!

There will be only guess per time accepted so if you want a particular time send your guess in early! If your time has been taken I will let you know so you can send in another one!

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26 Responses to Guess My Time Competition - Highland Fling

  1. Nicola May says:

    10hrs 15muns 59 sec good luck

  2. John Cassidy says:

    Good luck John, I estimate 09:52:12

  3. dhlwilson says:

    Here’s hoping for a grand day out for us all!

  4. John Dingelstad says:

    Good luck John and my best guess is 10:24:00.

  5. robert snodgrass says:

    9:46:22 good luck John

  6. Ollie Harrison says:

    10:07:35 - Enjoy the run 🙂

  7. klyse3 says:

    10:22:15. Good running!

  8. Rob Soutar says:

    10:42:37, good luck john

  9. Robin Bartlett says:

    9hrs 58mins 30 seconds.
    Good luck John.😊

  10. Gary McLinton says:

    10hrs 11mins 12 seconds. lets hope the weather holds

  11. Grellan says:

    All the best in the Fling John. Mt guess is 10:10 50. Cheers Grellan.

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  13. Kenny Tindall says:

    10 hrs 11 minutes and 37 secs.

    Good Luck!

  14. Graham Parker says:

    Good luck John, great blog, my guess is that you’ll nail your plan and smash it in 10he15min00sec. (Ahead of me)

  15. Davie Hall says:


  16. Paddy Gibbons says:

    Hi John, thanks for the competition. My guess is 10:18:30. I’m thinking your experience in the tougher sections will be hugely beneficial the further along the course.

  17. Heather Orr says:

    10.04.04 Goodluck John!

  18. Kirsten Cowling says:

    10.23.23 (a time I can only dream of - I was last in 2016 😂)

  19. Simon lowther says:

    9:59:30 is my best guess, I’m also hoping for a sub 10 but can’t really see it 😬

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