Hardwolds 80 Video Diary

I’ve made a video diary of my Hardwolds 80 race. It lasts 13mins 13secs.

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2 Responses to Hardwolds 80 Video Diary

  1. Gary Mclinton says:

    Hi John, Yet another fantastic effort and so glad you beat storm diane!I thought that would catch you on the run last weekend! I feel so cheeky to ask but could I possibly join you on a WHW/similar area run one weekend? Im sure you are inundated withthese requests but I would love to run and pick your brains over ultra runs! Please feel free to ignore or be to busy to accomodate me. All the very best


    • Hi Gary, Thanks for your comments and encouragement. I would love to have a run together. It will need to be early next year now as I’m having a month or so of ticking over running wise. Keep in touch! John

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