Ochil Ultra Training Week 2

Week two of my training plan for the Ochil Ultra has gone well. After weeks of feeling sluggish when I ran I felt I turned a corner this week and had a bit more of a spring to my step. I still feel there is some way to go but I’m moving in the right direction.

There have been times in the last few weeks when I wondered whether I would get back to where I was before the Dragon’s Back so I had to trust the process of recovery and training and hope it would come back and I feel more confident that it will!

Monday 26th August  – Club Fartlek Session

  • 8.32 miles
  • 1:12:09
  • Session –
    • 1min (30sec recovery)
    • 3 x [3mins (90sec), 6min (2min)
    • 1min

There were a good group of us and I had people to chase and those chasing me which always keeps me honest in my effort!

Screenshot 2019-09-01 at 14.39.12

I was really pleased that for each of the 3min and 6min efforts I ran a little further each time and felt strong.

Wednesday 28th August – Lunchtime Run around Pollok Park

  • 6.42 miles
  • 1:05:56
  • 10.16 pace

I tried to run steady all the way round but needed a couple of walking breaks up the hills! It wasn’t one of my best runs by any means but I was happy to keep moving and get it done.

Thursday 29th August – Conic Hill Run

  • 10.16 miles
  • 2:07:23
  • 12:32 pace

I drove over to Drymen after work and parked in the forest at Garadhban Forest. I set off without a lot of enthusiasm as I was feeling a bit sluggish still. So I decided to run as much as I could no matter the pace.

I ran most of the way to the bridge at the bottom of the Conic Hill and then ran about half way up before walking the last section. It was very windy on the top. A steady run down passing a few people walking.

I turned round just after 5 miles and almost bang on 1hr. I ran the first section to the steps and then walked to the top. This time the wind was behind me so that was good at least.

I ran steadily down to the bridge and then decided to try and run as much of the final 3 miles. After a mile or so I felt things clicking into place and I was running with a bit more of spring to my step.

Saturday 31st August - Gleniffer Braes

  • 15.30 miles
  • 2:57:03
  • 11:33 pace

My friend joined me for this run which was great as we hadn’t run together since his successful Bob Graham round in June. Cammie needed to be finished by 9.45am so we set off at 7.15am and I ran the final half an hour or so around Brodie Park once Cammie was away.

Screenshot 2019-09-01 at 15.07.05

We started in the rain and I think it rained for the majority of our run! It was great to run with Cammie and we chatted all the way round. Having company certainly makes the miles and time pass quickly.

Once Cammie headed to his car I had another 2 and half miles to do to reach my planned 15 miles and they were the toughest miles of the run.

Sunday 1st September - Easy road run

  • 5.30 miles
  • 48:25
  • 9:08 pace

An easy run to finish off my week. Started a bit sluggish but felt better by the end of the run.

Summary of the week

Screenshot 2019-09-01 at 15.15.05


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