Summary of Week 9 Training for Hardmoors 55

I planned this as medium week in my build up to the Hardmoors 55. I ran five times for a total of 36.64 miles


Monday 2nd March - Club Fartlek Session

  • 8.12 miles in 1:10:35
  • Session - 3 x 1min (30sec recovery), 3 x 2mins (1min), 3 x 3mins (90Sec), 3 x 4mins (2min)

This was definitely my best Fartlek session of the year. I felt I was able to push the pace for this one and I was happy with my effort and pace. There was a good group of us so there was always someone to chase and someone to stay ahead off!


Wednesday 4th March - Lunchtime Run around Pollok Park

  • 6.48 miles in 1:03:59

It was good to be able to run my lunchtime off road run in dry weather and mainly dry underfoot. There was still some places where it was pretty muddy but the majority was fine.

Thursday 5th March - Run after work

  • 6.13 miles in 54:24

I had a busy day at work with the final of our Super 7 Athletics competition so I felt a bit sluggish setting off but my pace picked up on the second half of the run which was encouraging.

I do feel it takes me longer these days to warm up and get into my pace.


Saturday 7th March - Long Run on the Great Glen Way

  • 10.35 miles in 1:52:17

We are in Inverness for the weekend as Katrina is running the half marathon tomorrow. I wanted to do a 10 mile off road run so I decided to head to the Great Glen Way and run out 5 miles and back again.



Heading for this hill


Selfie at half way


Good forest trail


Nice to have some sunshine!


One or two places there was some snow!

Great view of Inverness

Sunday 8th March - Easy run supporting Katrina

  • 4.56 miles in 46:36

Katrina was running the Inverness Half Marathon so I combined an easy run with supporting Katrina. I saw her start and then cut across the footbridges to see all the runners at the 2 mile point. Then once Katrina had passed I ran to the 5 mile point and cheered all the runners past.

Then another short run and saw her at the 8 mile point and then back down to the finish. I think I confused a lot of runners around Katrina as they kept seeing me!

Katrina had a good run finishing in 1:50:23 which is over 10mins slower than her best but still an excellent run in the windy conditions.


Katrina finishing the Inverness Half Marathon

2020 miles in 2020

I’m just ahead of the red line in my aim of running 2020 miles in 2020

2020 miles


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