Longish Run on the Braes

Time: 11.35am
Route: Glennifer Braes
Distance: 12miles
Time Run: 2hr 03mins 36secs (av 10.17mins per mile)

Today I went up on to the Braes for an easy longish run. I was determined to run well within myself and I achieved that. I wore the gear I plan to start the Highland Fling race in 8 days time. I also did a few video clips of my thoughts of the race so that will be coming very soon. I enjoyed thinking through my tactics and plans for the race.

There has been a lot of movement on the whw entry list. Over the past few weeks there has been a number of people dropping out and obviously the same number being offered places. So I have updated my entry list so click here to see who is now running. I remember last year that a number of people dropped out after the Highland Fling so it will be interesting to see what develops this year.

There are a number of fellow runners who are struggling a bit with injuries. Tim D, Davie B, Thomas L, Brian Mc, George R, Mark H, Jen J to name a few I’m aware of. I really hope they all recover quickly. I find this a tough time as you do tend to feel every little niggle and any injuries now make preparing for the Highland Fling and whw really hard. Last year I struggled with a shin injury for the 7 weeks prior to the whw race and it was tough trying to rest yet also wanting to keep running and keep the fitness up.

Yesterday we enjoyed our walk around the Troon 10k route. It was very windy which put Katrina off a bit! Also we got a bit lost (my fault!!) and walked further but it did give us an idea of the course. It does look a good route. It goes around the course golf that I play regularly so I’ll have to make sure I don’t waste time looking for friends on the course!

I won’t mention Everton’s result last night except to say thank you to whwrunner for sending regular texts with updates of the score as we walked in Troon.

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1 Response to Longish Run on the Braes

  1. Brian Mc says:

    Thanks for the best wishes JK. My calf has healed up now after a few days rest and some massage so am looking forward to the Fling! Scottish mountain scenery and running beckon, and I can’t wait.

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