Monday: Club Run - Fartlek

Time: 7.15pm
Route: Cycle Track
Distance Run: 9.32miles
Run Time: 1hr 15mins 39secs
Session: 5min 30sec (2min 45sec recovery), 5min (2min 30sec), 4min 30sec (2min 15sec), 4min (2min), 3min 30sec (1min 45sec), 3min (90sec), 2min 30sec (1min 15sec), 2min

I went tonight with the idea of seeing how I felt and then deciding how hard to push it. On the first 5min 30sec run I was taking it fairly easy when John McL went past so I thought I might as well stay with him. I then decided I was feeling good so pushed hard throughout the session.

There were a group of 4-5 younger runners including 13yr old Callum who went past me each time and I tried to hang on to them as long as possible.

Here are my splits

5min 30sec: 0.89miles (6.10 pace)
5min: 0.81 (6.11)
4min 30sec: 0.74 (6.07)
4min: 0.67 (6.00)
3min 30sec: 0.59 (5.58)
3min: 0.52 (5.49)
2min 30sec: 0.44 (5.43)
2min: 0.36 (5.32)

Add those distances up and you get 5.02miles which is always the aim on a Monday night. Considering it is just over a week since I ran the Saintelyon I was pleased with that.

I’m just running as I feel like this week as next week is the start of the club races. I really enjoy the short sharp ones as they are so different to the long slow ones!

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