Guess Our Time Entries

It is now 6pm and the entries are closed for my ‘Guess Our Time’ Competition.  The race is now just 12hrs away … for men over 50 and all the women anyway. Those men younger than me have an extra hour or two! I don;t think Katrina has discovered I’ve done this so please don;t say anything until the end of the race!!

When I got home I asked Katrina how she felt.  Quite relaxed she said. We chatted about the race for 10mins and then she said, ‘Now I feel nervous!’

Anyway thanks to those who had a guess.  Here is the list of 25 guesses ….

As you can see the guesses range from a speedy 10.54 to 14.18.  I think that should cover it!!

I honestly believe Katrina is capable of running around 12hrs and that is what I’m hoping we can do but as in all ultra races it all depends on how you feel on the day.

I’ll be sending regular tweets which also update my facebook page and this blog so if you want to follow our progress you know where to go!!

Feel free to send us a text to encourage us as we run … 07905 218162

The plan for tonight is a quick trip to Asda to pick up last minute supplies, a restful night watching a bit of TV, early to bed with the alarm set for 4am.

All the best to everyone who is running. Have a great race and make sure you say hello if you see us on the route!

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