Hardmoors 110 Training Plan & Jantastic Final Score

This morning I ran an easy 9miler as the final run of my recovery week.  I’ve been so pleased with how well I have recovered from last Saturday’s race.

I thought about running tomorrow as well but have decided against it as I want to be ready for starting my 8 week build up to the Hardmoors 110.

I like to have a plan to work from from so here what I plan to be doing for the next 8 weeks.  It may well change a bit and I’ve had to chop and change things a bit depending on holidays and family commitments. HM110 training planThe key runs are the long ones. I have a few Ben Lomond Runs planned to help prepare my quads for the Hardmoors route.  I also plan to do some work on steps as there are a lot of them especially in the second half of the route.

The other runs I’m really looking forward to is my 2 day training run with Dave T on the route.  Our plan is to run from Kildale to Whitby (37miles) on Day 1 and Whitby to Filey (32miles) on Day 2.  I’ve not run the second half of the course since I did the HM110 in 2009 so I’m looking forward to checking it out.

As the race starts at 8am on Saturday 24th May I will be running the second half of the course along the coast in the dark so it is even more important to have at least one run on the route.

Jantastic finishes this week.  I’ve enjoyed taking part though I made the intake of sticking to 5 runs a week during March.  I really should have reduced it to 4 a week as over the last two weeks I have either been tapering for the HM55 or this week recovering.

Anyway I finished on 97.4% so not too bad. Jantastic - final scoreI’m afraid our Ultra Runners team didn’t do very well with lots of people signing up but a good number of them not recording their runs!!  I think I might go for a smaller hand picked team next year!!



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