Review of June

I had planned to run yesterday but my legs were feeling the effects of Wednesday’s run and also my Mum was arriving for the weekend so I thought it would be good to stay in and chat to her!

So I had a run before work this morning and I really enjoyed it.  For the first time for ages I felt I had a bit of a spring in my step again.  I didn’t run particularly fast but I was in control and felt really comfortable.

I realised the other day that I hadn’t done my review of June.  It probably slipped my mind as I didn’t run much!  I only ran 60.53miles mainly because I was having an easy few weeks after the Hardmoors 110 plus my calf was a bit sore when I tried (foolishly) to run a 10k too soon.

So here is a summary of my runs for the month …

june runs

In graph form from RunningAhead …

graph June runs

Here is a summary of all my runs for the first 6 months of the year ….

summary of 2014 so farI’m well on target for my 2014 miles in 2014 which is one of my ‘goals’ for the year.


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