Club Fartlek Session

The weather wasn’t very summer like at all for the first day of June. So much so that most of those who normally come on a Monday night opted not to come and run in a mile race the following night instead.

Even though I was on my own I decided to do the session anyway. As I arrived at the ON-X Centre at Linwood the wind was really strong and the rain was driving horizontal. I must admit I do get a certain pleasure in running in conditions like this. Obviously it makes sense not to run but I feel that there are benefits to running in weather like this.

Firstly it’s a good mental challenge to get out in tough conditions but secondly if you run ultras in the Scotland and the UK then you are going to face inclement weather. If you always opt out during training runs then you never learn to cope with it so when it occurs in a race if you haven’t practised beforehand.

I set off expecting the worse but actually it was a lovely evening! The rain eased off almost straight away and after 20mins or so the wind died down and it was a very pleasant evening.

I did find it a lot harder doing the session on my own though. I tried to push as hard as I could but without others to chase I found it difficult to keep the intensity up.

The session was 5 x [3mins (1min recovery), 1min (1min), 2min (2min)]. Here are my stats.fartlek 06-01I didn’t make the 5 miles this week which I expected because I didn’t have any others to run with.  That’s my excuse anyway!!!


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