Club Fartlek Session

Last Friday a group of us who regularly run at Kilbarchan AAC got together to chat about how we can take things on, what is the best way to train and how can we help each other improve.

A number of really good ideas came out including the desire to run on some different routes on a Monday night for our Fartlek session rather than the cycle track every week.

It was suggested we try the 1k and 0.5k loop around the back of the On-X centre where we meet. So we tried it last night and it worked well. We ended running around the loops 9 times but it was a nice change from the cycle track.

route 11-30 fartlek

There were a good group of 6 of us plus Katrina and Lesley did an even paced run around the same loops so even though they were doing their own thing we saw them every now and then.

The session was a pyramid one 1min (30sec recovery), 2min (1min), 3min (90secs), 4min (90secs), 5min (90secs), 5min (90secs), 4min (90secs), 3min (90secs), 2min (1min), 1min

Here are my stats …

fartlek 11-30

I was working hard and happy with my run even though my calves were burning by the end of the evening!


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