Review of March 2016

The last two days I’ve had runs around Pollok Park but each was different. Yesterday (Wednesday) I ran a tempo run after our Athletics event at the Emirates and before our dance event at St Paul’s.

I decided to do something slightly different so ran 3 mins easy then 3 mins hard repeated until the end. You can see the change of pace from the following graph.

pace 03-30

I had 7 faster 3min runs and 8 easier 3mins runs. With my big pack to back weekend coming up I thought it was a good session which made me work hard but with plenty of easier paced runs.

Today I ran around Pollok Park but this time I wore trail shoes and ran on the grass and paths as much as possible. Of the 5.86 miles I reckon 90% was on softer ground so that was good.

In March I ran 184.17 miles which is my biggest month of the year so far and the furthest I’ve run in a month since July last year when I ran 191.19 miles. Here is a list of all my runs in March ….

march all runs

In a diary form …

march diary of all runs

And in graph from RunningAhead ….

march graph of runs

Finally I like to keep a record of the different types of runs I do each month. So here is a summary of the first three months of the year ….

march types of runs

April is going to be a big month. Infact it may be the biggest month I’ve done since I started training for ultras in November 2006. This weekend I’m planning to run 75 miles over two days and then at the end of the month I have my 160 race so that will be 235 miles over two weekends. Though the Sunday of the Hardmoors 160 will be 1st May so I’ll have to work out how many miles I’ve run at midnight on the Saturday!

I’m looking to the challenge of April as it’s going to be a make or break month. I wonder how it will go?

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