Hardmoors 160 update

We arrived home last night after what can only be described as an epic event and journey. There will be a full report to come but the short version is I finished the Hardmoors 160 in 49hrs 52mins 53secs.

I want to thank my support team of Andy, Sarah and Katrina plus Dave & Tracey who put in a guest appearance! This truly was a team effort to help me achieve my goal of finishing the longest, hardest race I’ve ever done.

Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 22.34.03



Congratulations to James Hemmingsley who won my ‘Guess My Time’ competition!


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4 Responses to Hardmoors 160 update

  1. Yep, you can honestly describe finishing the Hardmoors 160 as EPIC. Well done John, really chuffed that you got around and able to show that winning smile at the end 🙂

  2. Ultra_Betty says:

    Added you to my hero list. Huge congratulations, John!

  3. Ian Booth says:

    Huge respect to anyone who can walk 160 miles let alone run!!
    Well done, an inspirational run, I look forward to reading the report. IanB, Somerset.

  4. Graham Dawson says:

    Massive achievement John, really well done. Enjoyed watching your progress on the live tracker. Knowing you had a 120 HRM plan I wasn’t surprised you started steady. Then came the JK ‘charge’ when you worked through the field. A bit of vicarious excitement for an injured runner! I was a bit worried for you at times (around Guisborough?) but so pleased you came through. Look forward to reading your report.

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