Review of April 2016

My feet are fully recovered after the Hardmoors 160 and I’m ready to get running again. I plan to have a run at lunch time tomorrow.

April was my highest mileage wise this year and for quite a while. The Hardmoors 160 race started on Friday 29th April but didn’t finish until Sunday 1st May so I estimated how many miles I had run by midnight on Saturday 30th April.

I ran 273.78 miles. I started the month with a big back to back weekend as I did a recce on the Hardmoors 160 course and finished the month with the Hardmoors 160 race.

List of all my runs in April …

apr 16 all runs

In diary form …

apr 16 diary

In graph form …

apr 16 graph of runs

Summary for the first four months showing the different types of runs …

apr 16 types of runs

May will be a shorter month mileage wise as I take some time off after the Hardmoors 160.

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3 Responses to Review of April 2016

  1. Gary Mclinton says:

    Sorry in advance.

    Dairy form was it a milk run? Bye!

  2. Gary McLinton says:

    Have you ever suffered shin splints?
    How did you resolve this?

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