Training Plan for Lakes in a Day

With only four weeks between the Brecon Beacons 10 peaks and my final ultra of the year ‘Lakes in a Day’ I knew I needed to get running fairly soon. So last week I ran three times Wednesday, Friday and Sunday and I was really pleased with how I felt.

My feet, which often are pretty bashed up with a few blisters, were absolutely fine and my legs, though a little sluggish, were feeling pretty good. So I’ve decided to have a couple of weeks of harder training and one week of taper.

So my plan for the next three weeks is as follows …


This weekend we are visiting Hollie, Jo, Jono & Seth in Inverness. We have Friday and Monday off school for our long weekend so I’m going to do a run on Friday. I have found a run up Ben Wyvis which I fancy doing.

This will give me plenty of ascent and descent in preparation for the Lakes in a Day. I hope the weather is kind but if not it will be good preparation is the weather is bad on Saturday 8th October.

Last night I was back at the club for our weekly Fartlek session. I was feeling good during the warm up so decided to push as hard as I could and see how it went. I made a couple of mistakes.

Firstly I wore as long sleeved top thinking it was cooler than it was! I was pretty warm so felt I was overheating a bit. Secondly I didn’t bring a head torch. By half way through the session it was pitch dark so I was having to rely on those of our group who were organised and had a head torch!

The session was 1min (30 recovery), 3 x 3mins (90secs), 1min (30secs), 3 x 3min (90secs), 1min (30secs), 3 x 3mins (90secs), 1min

I felt I was running well until the final two 3min efforts when I was struggling a bit to keep the pace and my running form but happy overall with my effort.


I always like the heart rate graph on a session like this!!


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1 Response to Training Plan for Lakes in a Day

  1. Wow excellent.
    I have started training for my first marathon then may onto ultras in a couple of years.

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