Recovery Week after Wooler Marathon

My plan was to have an easy week after the Wooler Trail Marathon and that is what I did. On Monday and Tuesday my quads felt a little battered but by Wednesday they had recovered enough to go for a gentle run.

Wednesday - Run after work with Katrina & Tracey

It was good to run with Katrina and Tracey as we spent the whole time chatting about the race and other things and the time flew by. My legs felt a lot better than I thought they might so was happy with my first recovery run.

Friday - Lunchtime Run around Pollok Park

I say lunchtime but I actually ran at 10.45am as I had something on at lunchtime and we were heading to Inverness to visit Jo, Jonno, Seth and Hollie so wouldn’t have time after work.

I ran my loop around Pollok Park and it was a glorious winter run. The sun was shining with no wind and it felt great to be out running!

Sunday - Morning run at Alness

We were staying with Hollie at Alness and I’m working on some runs from her house. There are loads of trails not far from where she stays so I explored a bit for my run before breakfast.


I took a few photos on the way trying out a new fish lens for my iPhone and also did a ‘live’ video on Facebook!




So a decent recovery week. My plan for the rest of the year is to run 3-4 times a week without pushing too hard.


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