Easy week but a slight set back

This week was always going to be an easy week after four good solid weeks of training. I woke on Monday with a slight pain on my right knee. It wasn’t too bad so I ran in the evening.

I didn’t want to do the Fartlek session but as Katrina and Tracey were going I decided to get a lift with them and run home along the cycle track from the On-X Centre.

As I started my knee felt sore but seemed to ease off as I went on so I hoped that would be it. On Tuesday it was still  a bit sore but I convinced myself it was getting easier so decided to try it out on Wednesday lunchtime.

The first couple of miles were quite sore and I was running with a bit of a limp but again seemed to ease off as I ran. I completed the 5.65 miles and again hoped it would feel better the next day.

I woke up today and it was really sore. The pain is just below the knee cap. There is no swelling and it feels like internal bruising. I had something similar last year when I tripped over a child in one of my schools and fell heavily on my knee.

This time I don’t remember banging it but I did slip a couple of times going over Conic Hill on Sunday so I wonder whether I stretched it then.

Last time it took a few days to recover and it was fine so I hoping it is the same this time. I decided not to run today and I’m going to reassess over the next few days.

I’m glad it is my easy week and I’m not tempted to run again on it. Hopefully it will be fine by Saturday but if not I’ll leave it until Monday.

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  1. maraardelean says:

    my goal for 2017 is an year without injuries. I’m training for a half marathon with SportMe running app which calculates distance, pace, time and calories and adjusts running plans to my progress.

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