A week of speed sessions

Another solid week of workouts aiming to help me to run faster in preparation for the Inverness Marathon which is just over a week away on Sunday 12th March.

Monday - Club Fartlek session

There were only 6 of us for the session but we all pushed each other and worked hard. The session was 6 x 5mins. To help everyone work hard right to the end we started at the same point each time and noted where we finished.

Then each time we had a point to try and reach so show we were running each rep at about the same pace.

I set off hard on each rep and Ryan would go past me after a minute or so. I would try and hang on to him for a bit and then aim to keep the distance between us from getting too big.

Here are my stats for the session …


I’m always happy to get as close to 5 miles for the 30mins as I can so I was pleased with this workout.

Wednesday - Tempo run after work

I decided to do an out and back on the cycle track. I’ve not done this route for a few years so it was good to see how I got on.

After a warm up mile I pushed hard for 4 miles. I was hoping to do under 7min per mile and was pleased to see that I averaged 6.46 pace.


Thursday - Hills reps at Pollok Park

Tonight I did some hill reps at Pollok Park. For those who know the park I use the hill opposite Pollok House and start from the far end. So each rep is 0.44 miles and has 2 uphills and 2 downhills.

Today it was pretty muddy and hard to get a good grip. My aim was to try and run each of the four reps faster than the one before.

I managed it with 4:20, 4:05, 3:58 and 3:52.

So a good week of workouts. Saturday and Sunday I’ll be up on the Braes for some longer runs.

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