Ring O’ Fire Recce Video

I really enjoyed my weekend on Anglesea. I had to change my plans slightly on the Friday night as I arrived later than planned but still was able to do three runs on the route as follows.

  • Friday - Rhosneigr to Four Mile Bridge and back - 13.56 miles
  • Saturday - Penmon to Rhosneigr - 46.13 miles
  • Sunday - Four Mile Bridge to Holyhead - 18.51 miles

I took lots of video clips of the route to help me remember the way as this will be only opportunity I will have to get on the route.  So I have covered the route from just before Penmon Point to the end.

I was really pleased with how I coped running three days on the trot so that has hopefully given me confidence for the race in September.

The video lasts 44mins ….

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1 Response to Ring O’ Fire Recce Video

  1. Pete (Tattoo Man) says:

    Nice video recce John, looks like you’ve saved my bacon again ;). I’ll be spending the week before the race in Anglesey on a family holiday, but it’ll be too close for any kind of decent recce. See you in September

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