Devil o’ the Highlands Update

I finished the 42 mile Devil o’ the Highlands in 9:38:17 for 152nd place out of 411 who started. I was 4th in the MV60 category so just missed out on a podium place!

To be honest I was very happy with my effort considering my ongoing recovery from the Dragon’s Back and just how hot it was on the day.

Full report to come soon!

Congratulations to Jonny Rowan who won my latest “Guess My Time’ Competition

Finish - John

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2 Responses to Devil o’ the Highlands Update

  1. Rob Livingstone says:

    Hi John,
    I was extremely surprised to be on the podium at the Devil but thought it only fair to thank your blogs etc for getting me there. Tried a fair number of things that have worked (and not). It’s the only time I have peanut butter and raspberry jam in a sandwich - it works. As I tore my achilles last year I have to manage my training carefully. I know you suggested to somebody to do more hill walking and that would help with strength (and ultra recovery!) Thank goodness my wife is from Ambleside.
    Hope the pain in the chest is gone…and I’ve just been reading a book which has some pictures of the Dragon’s Back race - no wonder you were still recovering. Some amazing scrambles and ridges - not for me thanks.
    Anyway this is just a long winded way to say Thanks. You could almost say you trained the 1st MV60.
    All the best

    • Hi Rob
      Great to hear from you and congratulations on your Devil o’ the Highlands performance. It certainly was a warm day! I was pleased to hear I had a small part in your success!
      My chest pain seems to have cleared up so that is good.
      Thanks again for getting in touch and I hope we meet up at a race sometime.

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